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Meet The Relay Team!

William Semon
William Semon

William is the COO of Binnacle house and developed his passion for running a decade ago. Starting out as weekend jogger advancing into an international long-distance marathon runner. Logging miles for him became more than a hobby; being a mental health therapist, William has intertwined his passion for running with his profession by integrating running as a holistic therapeutic method in treating those exposed to trauma. To William running is a multi-dimensional sport, transcending cultural differences or language barriers. Wanting to share his passions he founded an all inclusive running club to connect and inspire anyone with a desire to better their health that they too can become a runner.
“There is so much hope for the youth, unfortunately many youth are in crisis situations through no fault of their own. Binnacle House provides a safe space where that crisis can be interrupted and the youth can start their journey of living a positive healthy life.”

Glenn Freeh

Glenn has been running for 38 years, his passion for the sport started in High School where he competed in cross country and track and field. Glenn continued his running in college where he competed for the teams at Trenton State College (now The College of New Jersey). Since college Glenn has continued his passion for running, expanding his love of the sport into trail running, citing that the allure of trail running is “the freedom to let go.” Glenn has raised two successful children, has been active in Scouting and works in Quality Control.
“I am running for the youth of Binnacle House because, it brings awareness. Sometimes we take things for granted. We don’t realize that so many youth just need that one person to care.”

Glenn Freeh
Tom Anderson
Tom Anderson

Tom Anderson is an avid obstacle racer, adventurer, and martial artist. His “no challenge is too great” mentality has led him to adventures like trekking across the Himalayas to Mt. Everest Base Camp in addition to conquering obstacle races in some of the world’s most challenging conditions. He is currently serving on active duty in the United States Navy where among his other duties, he acts as command fitness leader and is responsible for training and testing 150 active duty and reserve sailors. With an indomitable will and unparalleled motivation, he is not only ready, but eager to take on any challenge that comes his way.
“I feel everyone deserves a fair shot in life. For whatever reason(social, economic, etc), some of us have more opportunities than others. I’d like to see us do what we can to level the field. I feel this is especially important in regards to youth. The next generations are the future leaders, movers and shakers of this world. Let’s give them all the tools we can to make the most it.”

Tom Buccigrossi

Tom has been passionate about athletics for many years, but running is a fairly new passion. Tom has a history of leadership in youth sports and has seen the benefits that a supportive environment has on youth. Over the past several years Tom took a page out of his own book and started working on his own health and found running. He has participated in many events covering multiple distances. He is an active and supportive member in a local running club.
“I’m fairly new to the world of organized running, it’s the events that focus on causes like the Binnacle House that make all the training worthwhile. Supporting the underserved kids in our area helps build a positive foundation and tone for the future of our community. It’s these young minds that will lead the way for years to come and the little things we can do now will be what clears the path for them”

Vivien Bevich

Vivien Bevich

Vivien is a relative newcomer to running only having picked up the bug 3 to 4 years ago. In the time Vivien has been running she has become an active member of local running clubs. She enjoys the constant challenge of pushing further and faster and showing that age is only just a number. Vivien an active participant in many events both local and further afield and is often among the top finishers.
“Over the past year support for mental health has come into sharp focus as a result of the pandemic and how underserved this area truly is. This is an opportunity to support a valuable service and give back through a physical health and wellness event in balance to the cerebral cause.”

Charlie Mahoney

Charlie is an Emergency Room Nurse and recently finished his studies to become a nurse practitioner. Charlie has been running competitively since 1993 in cross country and track. His greatest success, however, came in the sport of Long Track Speed Skating, where he competed in the Olympic Trials for the 2010 Winter Olympics and finished in 11th place in the 5K. Since then he has competed in triathlon, finishing 2 Ironman triathlons, and a 50 mile ultramarathon. More recently he has been competing in summer biathlon.
“Supporting underserved youth is important to me as a lifelong activist and healthcare professional. So many of the young patients and families that I saw coming through the Emergency Department because they didn’t have access to a primary care doctor could be helped if they just had a way to break the poverty cycle. If we can assist under-served youth to break this cycle, this can empower them to be more successful throughout their lives.”

Charlie Mahoney
Emily O'Connell
Emily O’Connell

Emily started running when she was in 11th grade. Her goal at that age was to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. She ran for her own enjoyment and found that running eased her anxiety that she was experiencing as a teenager and young adult. Emily ran my first race in her 20’s which was a 10K. She ran a few more races along the years and then after having her first child, she decided to start training for half-marathons and then marathons. She’s also enjoyed volunteering as a coach for Girls on the Run. Emily has met some wonderful people through her running experiences and she hopes she can continue to run for many years to come.
“Supporting At-Risk Youth is critical for the youth in our community. Children and young adults need guidance and mentoring through their development and this is not always available to them in their home environment. As a community, we need to provide additional support to at-risk youth through the transitions in their lives and help guide them to becoming responsible adult.”

Stacy Abbatiello Kluesner

Stacy is an Associate Director of Regulatory Affairs with over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and medical industry. Stacy has held various roles within Research and Development, Quality, Clinical and Regulatory. Stacy received her Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology from Rochester Institute of Technology and a Master’s in Science in Pharmacy, Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance from Temple University. Stacy is a proud mother of one son, who always inspired her to stay strong and fit. Stacy is an avid outdoor enthusiast and enjoys running, biking, hiking, swimming, kayaking, camping, horseback riding and gardening. Stacy is originally from Spencerport New York and currently resides on a small farm in Holland Township New Jersey.
“I am driven to help others both professionally through mentorships and by volunteering in youth programs that support character and leadership development to build a brighter future for all.”

Stacy Abbatiello Kluesner

Hunterdon County

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Leg 1 (12 PM) Tewksbury Township 4 miles
Leg 2 (4 PM) Lebanon Township 4 miles
Leg 3 (8 PM) Raritan Township 4 miles
Leg 4 (12 AM) Tewksbury Township 4 miles
Leg 5 (4 AM) Tewksbury Township 4 miles
Leg 6 (8 AM) Tewksbury Township 4 miles
Leg 7 (12 PM) Tewksbury Township 4 miles
Leg 8 (4 PM) Tewksbury Township 4 miles
Leg 9 (8 PM) Tewksbury Township 4 miles
Leg 10 (12 AM) Tewksbury Township 4 miles

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