Message from the CEO

Lawrence Brooks, CEO

Lawrence B. Brooks, MA, MS
Chief Executive Officer

After nearly 50 years of enriching the lives of children and families, Binnacle House made the strategic decision to transform into a Community Foundation. For years, our Board has discussed and brainstormed how we could have the greatest impact on those in need. How can we leverage our resources, strengths and talents to help “navigate life’s challenges”?

A Community Foundation allows us to expand our services to not only continue to meet the needs of children and families but also address environmental concerns, health and wellness, education, arts and culture, animal welfare, etc. For decades, we have been trusted by the community to use their generosity to help others. This core concept remains at the heart of what we will continue to do.

Our question to you becomes: “What are your philanthropic interests/what do you care about?” AND “How can we help you meet your philanthropic goals to have the greatest impact on the issues that you care about?”

Donor Directed Giving – allows you to give the funds immediately to an organization of your choice. We are here to assist you, if you need it, in identifying a charity that aligns to your values.

Donor Advised Funds – create a legacy for you to give now and in the future. Ensuring your continued support for causes that matter the most to you.

Combining Philanthropy with Potential Income & Possible Tax Advantages – can provide you with the means to be philanthropic and at the same time provide current and/or future income for yourself or loved ones.

We appreciate the continued faith that you have placed with us. Please reach out to learn more about the Community Foundation and how you can be a part of creating an impact to improve the lives of others.

With Deep Gratitude,
Lawrence B. Brooks MA, MS
Chief Executive Officer