About Binnacle House

In 2022, our Board made the strategic decision to transform into a Community Foundation. This decision was reached after years of conversation and input about how we can have an even greater IMPACT on the community.

The philanthropic efforts of the Board focus on providing grants to other nonprofits throughout the state of New Jersey with particular emphasis on Hunterdon, Sussex and Warren counties. Importantly, awards will be considered throughout the state based on need and impact. However, donor directed gifts are given at the discretion of the donor both within and outside of the state of New Jersey.

Our History

Founded in 1979, Binnacle House spent nearly 50 years safeguarding children, strengthening families, and building responsible citizens. What began as an emergency shelter for children in Hunterdon County expanded into a continuum of care for youth who are not safe with their families of origin.

We provided more than 100,000 nights of shelter to children from throughout the state of NJ, along with more than 500,000 meals and snacks. Youth and family were provided counseling and educational services, medical care and clothing in addition to the love they needed so desperately to help them mature into responsible adults and develop enriched family connections

More than 100,000 nights of shelter

Over 500,000 meals and snacks