Success Stories

Jeremy *

Jeremy was abandoned by his parents as a pre-schooler and sent to live with his step-grandfather to be raised. His grandfather died when he was just 14, forcing him to leave the only security he had known throughout his entire life.

He was sent to live with an aunt and uncle that he had no previous relationship with. While they provided him with a loving home, his adolescent rage, stemming from his unresolved sense of tremendous loss and abandonment, led to total rebellion for Jeremy. In his rage he destroyed property and verbally and physically threatened his aunt and uncle. He was also truant in school, resulting in poor grades and eventually running away from home.

Jeremy entered Binnacle House and remained in the program for several years. Our team of professionals helped him work through his trauma, loss and abandonment issues. Through the process he began to recognize the value of education. As his self-esteem improved, he was able to develop relationships with his peers, creating a sense of brotherhood. He became involved in physical fitness and body building and joined the military. Jeremy is now happily married with a baby of his own and serves as a state trooper. Along the way he also mended fences with his aunt and uncle and re-established that vital family connection.

He credits Binnacle House for giving him the structured environment, love, support and guidance to develop the leader he is today. He serves as a role model to other youth in our programs and inspires them by sharing his own story of transformation.

* not his real name.